Why is xroom free?

Originally XROOM.APP was designed as a tool for internal communication within Nisdos development and management teams. We were not really satisfied with products available on the market and that was the reason we decided to create our own, perfect service that would solve all our problems and even more.

Little by little we started sharing the possibility of tool usage with other companies that we cooperate with. And finally we have reached a point when we are ready to share it with you, dear reader! The product development and support is still fully sponsored by Nisdos, so you can use it completely for free.

We hope that some of you will like XROOM.APP so much that you will order software development from us, be it an application or a service. Our company has been promoting remote work for more than 5 years and we mostly work with such technologies as JavaScript и Java, although we possess a significant competence in Python, PHP and C#. If you are ready for cooperation please let us know on

And if you are an individual we won't beg money from you. Enjoy the product and spread the news about our child!

For companies however we have a really nice offer: a White Label solution. All the features coming to this enterprise version are tested with thousands of users in the free version, thus offering a better stability for the paying clients. That's also why XROOM.APP itself is free.

With love,