logo design

Brand your experience

Own colors

Run XROOM.APP with your own color scheme, not just the default colors we provide. Paint it the way you wish, but mind the aesthetics and usability. After all style matters.

Own domain

Place XROOM.APP on your own domain, with your own namespace. Noone can anymore reserve a room with your favourite name, it's fully separated from anything people access through our main site xroom.app.

Own logo

Don't like our logo? Replace it with your company one. A small limitation applies though: a logo can not represent a product that would be a competitor to XROOM.APP, although it still can be a competitor to NISDOS.


Do you share links to your solution often or care about your SEO ratings? Customize how your branded conference looks on social media and what users see in Google when they search for it.

Recent examples

Currently we provide branding services only to our patrons from Patreon and some Nisdos clients, but as soon as we are ready to scale this feature will be more widely available. Support us on Patreon and get access already today!

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