Use cases

video influencer

Webinars with API control

A client of Nisdos — Coursio helps us to test webinar solution and got a free integration in exchange. They use XROOM.APP to provide webinar services to their respective clients and also run a white-label solutionand server Room Boosters to fit more people in a class.

group hangout

Online video meeting

Nisdos clients Geras Solutions and Prestalo help us to test the conference mode. They are using XROOM.APP to get feature-rich conferences for their teams for free and enjoy our nice Slack integration.


Remote schooling

A dozen of language teachers from Italki did previously use Skype for their remote teaching lessons, however many of them experienced multiple inconveniences with call setups. After switching to XROOM.APP the time they were spending on solving technical problems became almost negligible. As a result they got more time on actual teaching and their students' grades increased on 15%. Moreover, their students stopped asking them twice all the time due to a better sound quality and low level of background noises, achieved thanks to a noise reduction technology developed for XROOM.APP.

code review

Technical interviews

One of our partners who works with recruitment on a daily basis uses XROOM.APP together with our official plugins in order to conduct technical interviews. Pair and mob programming plugin helps them to assess knowledge in a real time, while via the audio recording plugin they save interviews for further analysis. They are active users of our bots as well, promoting our Telegram bot.