privacy protection

Privacy policy

The Cookie law

We don't like bureaucrats. But we have to comply with the laws those incompetents has written. That's why we decided to stop using cookies for identifying users and start using our proprietary fingerprinting technology that seems to give us full precision. We comply with the stupid Cookie Law and at the same time we do not need to show you any annoying cookie message on domain.

Information we collect

We do not deny that we collect data for analysis. The data on visitors of domain is fully anonymized and we do not pass it to any third party. We do not even pass it to Google Analytics or any similar platform, on contrary to almost 100% of other online services. And we are proud of this. The data we collect is only used to perform A/B tests and other experiments on marketing and design. After all we plan to grow up to 50000 users in 2020. :)

User cards

User card is a short collection of user data, fully controlled by its owner. XROOM.APP has a possibility of user cards exchange between peers. User cards are stored in your browser's local storage and neither we nor any other third party has any access to it. At the moment user cards discovery happens automatically, but soon we want to allow you to be able to control this yourself as well.


Plugins, unless provided by XROOM.APP or NISDOS need to have their own privacy policy.

Real-time access to sensitive data

If you are not using server API or plugins you may be on 101% sure that everything is secure and noone from XROOM.APP can get any data from your communication channels, whether it is video, audio, text chat or files. If you use server API then in XROOM.APP personnel can get access to your room configuration if necessary for debugging. However we still cannot get any data from within your communications, as it is encrypted by the users themselves.

If you use third party plugins you do it on your risk. We will always try to block illegal data collection by plugins, but you know, shit happens.