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What is xroom?

XROOM.APP is a simple, free and secure video conferencing and webinar service with an indirect earnings business model. It features secure video calls, screen sharing, text and file exchange, plugins, recordings, rooms API, white label possibility (custom domains, custom color schemes), localizations. Plugins system allows you to add whatever functionality you need.

XROOM.APP was started as a hobby project in 2019 but thanks to its popularity has quickly become widely used by people from various countries. Nowadays we have around 20000 monthly users, but we plan to raise this number to a hundred thousand the next year.

XROOM.APP is completely free at the moment, being a sponsored product. Read more about that here. Recently we have launched a new platform due to a growing interest in white label. As it is for white labelling only we called it slightly differently — ZROOM.APP or «Z Room» if you wish.

If you want to contact the development team drop a line to